Thursday, October 13, 2016


The Sun rises, frost shimmers on the rooftops temperatures that once began with eights are gone. Finally October has arisen for the summer doldrums. Refreshing it is; asters sway in the breeze as colors come to the trees. The time is finally here to start thinking about filling the freezers and settling in for the long winter ahead. I really do not mind winter; except for the final three months of it. I just can’t deal with February, March & April. It is just too much. We need to enjoy the next several weeks. Soon the landscape will turn from brilliant to bleak.
Contrary to what the general population believes and has witnessed for themselves; there are a few hunters out there that didn’t evolve by watching TV. Yes, they did it by trial and error; along with careful observations. They do exist, but they are rarely seen. I know this sounds unbelievable to many; but there are some successful hunters out there that have never owned an ATV, trail camera or a game feeder. Some have a GPS built into their head. You will not see that this type wandering around in the local China Mart dressed in camo, Actually they probably have neighbors that don’t even know that the hunt.
Year after year after year they have been successful in the woods, with little fanfare or publicity. They are the real experts. You will never see them on TV or in the paper. They keep quiet and go about their own business. They have been doing it for a long time and took the time to learn. They have no worries about if they will get something this year. They know it will happen. It is just a matter of when. Modern hunters should take notice but they are too busy fiddling with gadgets.
October brings a twinkle to the eyes of older hunters. They came fondly remember their youthful days in pursuit of squirrels and fall turkeys. Those were the learning and developing days. Neither shows up much on the modern hunters’ radar. It is more interesting to sit and stare at a corn pile. Squirrels and turkeys just aren’t cool. Woodsmanship isn’t either. There is no reason to waste time learning through trial and error. Not. When you can just turn on the TV or computer and see the real experts in action.
Never underestimate that old fellow that has to lean against a tree to tie his boot laces. When you pass that person on the trail and make your snide comments about his attire and ratty looking gun. When you think you are out of hearing range. You and your buddies probably have forgotten all about him; until you hear a shot on a distant ridge at noon while you are yapping, playing on your phones and eating lunch. You wonder who could be up there, so far away. Experience beats gadgets every single day. You will never know the old-timer is around; until he shoots.
Yes, it is sad to say but the ones who grew up in the woods and not staring at a feeder are dwindling away. I imagine that within the next two short decades all will be gone or nearly so.It would be good to latch onto one of these fossils before they are all gone. You might learn a little about the real world

This is my October 2016 article for Two-Lane Livin (c) 2016 High Virginia Outdoors All Rights Reserved