Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Ruger SR 40

I am now a proud owner of one of the new Ruger SR 40 pistols.  First impressions were of a nice looking gun, good feel and nice pointing.  The feel of the trigger was bad and all of the silly forums I read said the same thing. Horrible Trigger.. Not True. The trigger really sucks; if you are sitting around dry firing the gun.  In actual use the trigger is fine and the gun shoots well.  I only had time to run about 25 rounds through the gun yesterday and everything felt and worked fine.  Maybe some of the forum people should actually try a product; before condemnation.  The gun seemed to be shooting low and I intended to take it out today for sighting in and further testing, but the rains set in before I had time to go.  Look for a better and more detailed report, later in the week.  But for now, so far so good.  I like the gun.

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