Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Waterfowl Babies

Wood Ducks
This is the hatching season. Our world is now being blessed with new feathered inhabitants; everyday. I found this Wood Duck, with sixteen curious youngsters to keep track of in Canaan Valley; yesterday. If it is the same one that nested there last year, she only had 6 little ones. Five of those survived by October. I just wonder what the survival rate of this brood will be.

On Sunday, a Canada Goose pair marched their 4 young through my yard, in route to the Tygart River. They had a tough time making it down the road; because too many people are in a big hurry to get nowhere. I just cannot imagine what the big rush is and why people cannot see a pair of 3 foot tall geese walking down the road. I've been about everywhere you could go; around here, and believe me when I say that there isn't anyplace that you need to be in a hurry to get to. I am happy to say that there were not any squished goslings in the road; when I went to look.

Slow down, be observant and give our new wildlife a chance.

Posted by High Virginia Outdoors  Photos by High Virginia Images

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