Saturday, March 24, 2012


The morels in my yard popped up, this morning! (3-24-12) They are a full 3 weeks ahead of schedule for this location. Over the last 5 years my asparagus and morels have emerged on the same day. the morels are always up first. I will check the asparagus a little later this afternoon; nothing yet.

I had singing Pine Warblers this morning, too. I normally do not see them here until around April 5. The serviceberry bushes are blooming now , also. They too are also a little early this year. I have yet to see a hummingbird show up, but it will probably be any day, now. Hummingbirds, morels and asparagus are normally real close. The toads are singing and the catbirds will be next.

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  1. That's is very early! I will be looking earlier than usual also here for them, as we've had an unusually warm winter and spring. Everything is early here - crazy early. I'm worried about our fruit and berries for the year. I think the blossoms will be out and then we'll get a hard freeze : (