Monday, April 2, 2012

Hello Hendricksons !!

I had a few minutes to check out one of my new favorite spots on Horseshoe Run this afternoon (4-2-12).  I was still about 30 yards from stream side, trying to keep 2 beagles going in the same direction; when I noticed there was a hatch in progress. A good hatch, too.  Flies were thick above the stream and I was expecting to find some type of caddis.  After I finally got the dogs tethered and under control; I was able to get closer to the water. Much to my surprise, it was a Hendrickson hatch!

The Hendrickson (Ephemerella subvaria) is the earliest of our major mayfly hatches. This was the most intense hatch that I have ever witnessed of this species.  During the normal Spring season in our area these mayflies hatch in mid-April, among the snowflakes. I usually see a few on Glady Fork during April. It was around 2:15 when I arrived and I stayed until about 2:50. The activity never slowed and it was heavy enough that you had to be careful of one flying into your mouth. I did have  to carefully control the involuntary mosquito swat that you have when something is crawling on your arm. There were also a few Quill Gordons (Epeorus pleuralis) in the mix. This did not appear to be the first day of the hatch; I saw a few clear-winged spinners.

I was not prepared to fish this occurrence, I didn’t have enough time to spare.  I did see a couple of trout actively feeding in the pool.  Flies that are often used to fish this hatch include the Light Hendrickson, Dark Hendrickson, Red Quill and Rusty Spinner.  You can bet that I will be over there the first opportunity that I have to get away for a couple of hours this week. It will sure be nice fishing dry flies for rising trout in West Virginia during the month of April. I can’t wait !

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