Saturday, December 1, 2012

Little Angels

I was sitting in traffic today, headed west out of Harman on Rt 33. Soon after we got moving again, I saw a dust cloud arrise from the road ahead. An unexpected tree had fallen into the road; luckily it was between traffic strings and didn't hit anything. I knew we were in for another delay and I was getting caught up on paperwork, as I was sitting there. I noticed Ralphie staring to my left, I assumed he was just trying to learn to read. Soon after, Joey started staring that way, too.
   I looked up and there were 2 guys in one of the tree service trucks from Macon, GA. They were staring down and grinning. The driver said something and I rolled down the window. He said that those 2 beagles look like Little Mafia Hit Men; waiting for something to happen. I guess I have the only gaurd beagles in the country. Just look at these little angels.

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