Monday, March 4, 2013

Do You Remember These?

1980 WV Trout Stamp (2013) HVI
Do you remember when you really wished for your hunting and fishing license at Christmas? Do you remember when trout stamps looked like trout stamps? Do you remember the anxiety of making sure you had your trout stamp by the first pretty day of the new year (if you didn't get it for Christmas)? Consider yourself fortunate if you do.

I bet you can even remember pulling off in a spot on a mountain stream and not having two other vehicles pull in behind you. Maybe you can remember when you could actually catch a trout and not be converged upon by others. Consider yourself lucky. Lucky enough to remember when trout fishing was an enjoyable experience in the mountain state.Lucky enough to remember when 10 dollars worth of gas would get you somewhere and trout stamps looked like trout stamps'
Posted by High Virginia Outdoors photo by High Virginia Images (c)2013 All Rights Reserved

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