Sunday, September 8, 2013

More That Got Away

Everyone wants to show you their best photos. Many are impressive, some are computer generated and others just leave you wondering. Here is a photo for you to look at. Go ahead and study on it for awhile. Can't find anything can you? Well that is because it would have been a very good, slightly overexposed photo of a very large bobcat; in broad daylight. Something you don't see very often. Well, you would have seen it here; if I had only been a second faster. Oh. well.

The very next day, I was fishing on the North Fork of the South Branch and catching several small to medium sized small-mouths. I was standing and doing a balancing act on many round, smooth rocks. I saw a yellowish blur go by my head. A Louisiana Waterthrush landed about 5 feet behind my and was poking around in the rocks. The main problem was that my camera was in a bag; about 3 feet behind me. I did manage to get the camera; without spooking the bird. The little waterthrush was quite cooperative and began drinking rainwater from a bowl in the rocks. Nice, right? Nope, it was too close to focus on and I was on both knees in the rocks. There wasn't much that I could do. Yep, nobody wants to show you their bad shots. Here is another of mine; the Louisiana Waterthrush as it runs by me and flies across the river. Enjoy honesty.

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