Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Randolph County 200 !!

Today (4/2/14) I was able to reach a personal milestone; therefore it was a good day. There was a post on WV Bird yesterday about a Fish Crow at the Elkins/Randolph County Airport. I have been stuck at bird species number 199: since the beginning of the year. I had hoped to add one of the Scoters or a Long-tailed Duck as bird 200. I figured one would eventually show up here. If one did and I'm sure there was one somewhere; I didn't find it. I was kind of counting on finding a Pectoral Sandpiper and still may before the spring is over. That is the great thing about birding, you never know what will show up and you can do it 365 days per year.

I stopped along Ward Road this morning to listen for the Fish Crow, there wasn't even a standard model crow there. I figured I would ride around to the Wilson's Fort marker and try my luck there. Just as I approached the spot, three American Crows flew across the road and when I looked down where they came from; there was the Fish Crow sitting on a roof. I got a real good look through binoculars. I got my camera out, but it flew to the next building and disappeared from view, but it did make its distinctive call when it flew. Oh well, no photo. But I did take time to photo the Wilson's Fort marker. I had never in my entire life stopped to read this. I really never imagined a Fish Crow would be my #200 Randolph County Bird; but I never would have guessed I would see a Sanderling here either. Who knows what will be next? At least we all learned something today!

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