Sunday, December 14, 2014

YEP, 12/14/14

Oyster Mushrooms
You know that I feel sorry for all of the morel munchers out there. You just don't realize what you are missing out on. I guess it just falls into the category of doing what is reasonably easy and never straying from the norm. Kinda like opening day deer hunters, turkey hunting on Uncle Bill's farm and birdwatching on the Nature Trail. results are pretty much predictable and pretty much the same. Over and over and over. Never do anything new.

Yep, I'm having fresh Oyster Mushrooms right off the stump and some filet minion right off the carcass. The date is 12/14/14 and I'm in the infertile, gloomy and cold environs of Randolph County, WV. Some of you believe that I spend a lot of time searching for all of this stuff. The reality is that most of the things I find are on hour long dog rides. Yep, the only thing that many need to upgrade their quality of life is the ability to see and observe. Nope it will not hurt you one little bit to learn to look and see.

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