Friday, January 23, 2015

Taylor Snow

Snowy Owl
The reports started filtering in yesterday (1/22/15) morning; a Snowy Owl was spotted on US 50 West of Grafton. The first thing I looked at was if it was from a credible source; it was! I had never seen a Snowy Owl and headed out as soon as I was able. The first half of the trip was excruciating; following a dump truck full of gravel which was following a DOH truck flinging salt; in the freezing rain. Can you say slow?

I finally got clear sailing in the middle of  Philippi and cringed at the thought of the pre-bypass days. The rest of the trip was uneventful and I was west of Grafton looking at road signs; hunting the right intersection. As soon as I got to the Berry Run/Meadland intersection there was a pair of crows harassing a Red-tailed Hawk. I started searching, back and forth on the two mentioned roads. Bluebirds and a pair of Red-shouldered Hawks was all I could find.

I headed west on 50, hoping for better results and there it was; near the first house. Two white objects and only one was a Wal-Mart bag!! Treacherous is the only way to describe this location; as far as getting off the road or even slowing down. I took several photos from a fence post at the edge of the house'driveway; as traffic flew by. I noticed a lady in the back yard and decided to make contact with her. I was just hoping to not get run-off or dog bit. I soon realized that the dog or the lady wasn't going to be the problem. The watch goose was the real threat. I asked the lady if she new what was in her yard; she said öh that thing is back again". The Snowy Owl has been there for about a week; according to her. I was able to get some really good photos from her fence-line. It was more than I had hoped for or expected. I hope geese don't carry rabies.
Snowy Owl (c) 2015

The owl caught something while I was there. I thought it was a chicken house rat at first. But, after staring at the photos I think it is either a young muskrat or a small mink. There was a weedy ditch running through the location; so it could be either. Anyway. it was a pretty good day for January.

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  1. Fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing the pictures and your story.