Friday, March 20, 2015


Common Merganser
Things sometimes do change. Usually in a negative way but I see no downside in this. The Common Merganser has become a permanent resident of the Mountain State. Sadly, declines in habitat quality leave us wondering what happened. where did all of the critters go? This single species has apparently taken a liking to West Virginia.
The process was gradual, but we now have nesting pairs on several streams and rivers in the mountain region. These large birds now call the Cheat, Greenbrier, Shavers Fork and Dry Fork and many other waterways home. Less than a decade is all that it took for these birds to set up residency Previously, they only nested in the Northern US and most of Canada. Thinking of that, you can readily see why they have chosen to live here. Same weather and less travel time. This species is a tree cavity nester, therefore once they are established in an area; I imagine the only thing that would push them out would be the lack of large trees with cavities to nest in.They may be in trouble in this part of the county; since they do not like to leave any timber standing. But, I'm sure that they will be able to take hold and prosper in other areas of the state.
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COME Shavers Fork

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