Thursday, April 2, 2015

Whitmer Wal-Mart

Gandy Creek (4/2/15)
I did my obligatory drive up Gandy this morning. It was a fairly nice ride until I crossed Lower Two Springs; then it all changed. There was a vehicle in every single wide spot; three if they would almost fit. What a scene it was; unbelievable. It was around 10 am when I got there and they had apparently just stocked. I didn't look; because as I stated earlier, there was nowhere left to park. I only drove as far as Bee Run trail, I didn't need to see anymore. I just rode up the side road there and took the dogs for a walk in the woods.

We returned to the truck at about 12:30 and the mob had partially dissipated by then. We drove downstream and parked at the first free parking spot that we could find. We only messed around the water for about fifteen minutes; at times we could actually see the water; between dust clouds. One would probably be wise to bring along a respirator if they were planning to stay very long. There seemed to be a perpetual cloud of dust caused by the traffic flying up and down the road.

There was a time when I loved to fish this stream; but that was long ago. I used to hit it pretty hard; 2 or 3 evenings a week, from the time I was done with turkey hunting until the stream was pretty much dried up for the summer. I can remember days when the Grannom Caddis hatch was so thick that you had to scrape them off your arms. The river would magically come alive; trout boiled everywhere. I do believe the last time I fished Gandy Creek was probably June of 1985. From what I saw today; I believe I can hold off another thirty years.

I find it hard to believe that anyone could enjoy participating in that mess. To top it off; I never saw one person with a fish!!

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