Sunday, June 7, 2015

Another Untruth

I spent a very uneventful evening fly fishing on Glady Fork in Randolph County, WV yesterday. It was; I do believe the deadest I have ever seen a trout stream. Chubs weren't even rising. I fished for 2 solid hours and saw exactly 2 March Browns and 2 Dobson Flies in the air. There was no feeding bird activity, since there was nothing to feed on. I made it back to my truck a bit before dark and drove upstream. I noticed a few Isonychias in the air above a riffle and stopped. I already had a pair of beadheaded Zug Bugs pre-tied on a fluorocarbon tippet. I was prepared, but the fish didn't cooperate. I saw absolutely zero feeding on the surface or below the surface. Therefore I was sitting and staring as I often do. You know how you have always been told that Isonychias ALWAYS crawl up on the downstream side of an exposed rock to hatch; well they don't.

I was sitting there and one popped out of 2 feet of water right in front of me. Shortly thereafter another followed and I caught it in mid-air. we now know that this species does emerge from the water at times. One should never use the word Always...Now we Know.
Isonychia Shuck

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