Saturday, October 10, 2015


We are finally getting into one of the two good parts of the year. Yep, the time between the dead gnats and the first snowflakes. Leaves are thinking about changing and our few remaining monarchs are hurriedly heading south. Frost is in the air. Autumn can be inhaled with each breath; kind of smells good doesn’t it? No more sticky, thick inhalations; it is now cool and crisp. Asters; I love asters, but they mean the end is near. Cold, dreary, black, white and gray loom on the horizon. Soon they will be here. I know you are now wondering what the other good part is. That would be the time between the last snowflake and the first consecutive eighty degree days. That is a long time off; we will not worry with that, now.
I have already been asked several times if I was ready for bow season. I imagine that since I haven’t touched a bow in around twenty-eight years; I’m as ready as I’ll ever be. It still amazes me that people think they know someone based on their perception of that person way back when they were growing up. I hear people in their sixties state that they know someone because they went to school with them Do you really think that they actually know anything at all about that person? People change and they change a lot once they are turned out into the real world. At least; I hope they did, if not they are headed for major disappointments in life. I spent a lot of my time locked in school staring out the window at turds floating down the orange creek and wishing that trout could live there. Thirty-five years later the turds are gone but the water still runs orange and there are no trout. I guess that is some progress, not much; but some. Things change.
I have never seen Star Trek, Star Wars or a single episode of Duck Dynasty. I do not watch people hunt or fish on TV; never have and never will. Absolutely zero interest there for me. People assume that since I grew up in the 70’s, hunt and fish that I do all of the above. Nope. In my past; I have made a living at different points of my life hunting, fishing or trapping. That was a young person’s life. Could I do any of that now? Maybe; but it would be painful. Do I like to deer hunt? No. I like to eat venison; therefore I deer hunt. I like to fly fish but hardly ever have time. I like to turkey hunt; but know what days to pick. I still think about the trap line from time to time; but I’m too old to beat stakes into rocks; I’ll pass on that. I am outside for a period of time just about every day. I am hunting but not in the manner that many perceive.

The next time you run into someone you thought you knew a quarter of a century or more ago; do yourself a favor and don’t make assumptions. Take the time to learn about the person you thought you knew. You may be in for a pleasant surprise; maybe not. People change, things change. Don’t get caught up in presumptions or other silly things.

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This is my article for the 10/15 edition of Two-Lane Livin

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