Saturday, February 4, 2017


Wilson's Snipe

Well, once again we have survived January. Time for things to brighten up a bit. Before you know it; honey bees will be crawling over the Pussy willow catkins and crocus will pop from the snow. Yes, soon. Not quite yet; but soon. It will not be long before some trout will be going from near freezing water and in to the freezer. Yep, it will not be long. At least not as long as it has been.
We all know that it definitely isn’t a good idea to wander through life without any purpose. On the other hand it can be a good thing to do just a little bit every day. Our structured world doesn’t usually give us much free time. We need to take advantage of the time we are given. Wandering around a little bit every day without any worries can be very productive. We just need to allow ourselves to do it when the opportunity arises.
Have you ever taken time to notice that brown clump over there in the grass that seems to be out of place? Hmm, it seemed to move a little. Maybe you are just seeing things. The wind blows and it doesn’t move when the leaves around it does. Oh, it’s just a brown clump of something. Ever think about taking a closer look? Nah, too much trouble. Wonder why that blade of grass is moving back and forth while the ones surrounding it aren’t. Take a few aimless moments and go see. Its OK nobody will care. What is making those ripples in the water? You will never know unless you go look. It might be something good.
Some people work very hard all year so they can go to the store and buy food. Others work very hard all year long so they don’t have to go to the store and buy food. Neither are wrong; they just have different views about life. We are all in this together and we need to get along. Neither group will ever change. Nor is there any need to do so. None of us are ever going to be rich and we are all going to die. We need to take those precious aimless moments to make our lives more enjoyable. You’ll be glad you did; in the end.
Take the time to ride down that road you have never been down before. You might just find something good or you might just tear your fender off; like I did. But, you will never know unless you go. Find a quiet spot on your break and just sit and stare (not a your phone) you never know. You might just see something good. Learn to look and actually see, learn to listen and actually hear you will feel some fulfillment creeping in. You will become more aware of the real world. You will feel better and be happier, too. I can guarantee that.

The next time you have nothing to do try doing nothing but staring at your surroundings. You will see things that you didn’t know existed. You will find things that you would never have found if you take the time to do a little wandering without a purpose. I know I have.

This is my article for the February 2017 edition of Two-Lane Livin
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  1. What you have described is very much like what I experience when doing walking meditation. Tune out all extraneous thoughts and focus only on your present surroundings as you move.