Sunday, February 12, 2012

Elkwater Fork Dam

I took a ride up Elkwater, last Thursday to look at the new Elkwater Fork Water Supply Dam. I wanted to see it before the graffiti and trash take over. It is a nice quiet spot, right now. The Elkwater Road has received major upgrades. I can remember when nothing except for a high four-wheel drive vehicle could reach this area. The road is now passable for everything. The dam was built as a much needed water supply for the Upper Tygart Valley. It has yet to be determined or publicized as to what recreational opportunities this pond will bring. Elkwater Fork was at one time, my favorite trout fishing spot; when other waters were too crowded or too high. I caught my first trout on an artificial lure in Elkwater on Easter Sunday 1974. I also caught my first trout on a dry fly there in 1975.
I truly hope that this area will be managed properly for recreational opportunities. It would be a real shame if it becomes a dumping ground for mattresses and refrigerators; like so many other spots in the Upper Valley. I also hope that it doesn't just become another West Virginia mecca for lawn chairs and play-dough dunkers. The area deserves better. I will not bore you with the ponds' details, you can read them from the next photo.

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