Saturday, February 18, 2012

First Fish

I had to go to Parsons, this afternoon and decided to check out Clover Run on the way back. There were not very many people fishing and I drove all of the way up Clover Run. I came back down to a spot where nobody was present. I took the dogs down; tied them up and returned to the truck for my rod and reel. While I was baiting up, a vehicle pulled in about fifty yards above me. The person came downstream to about 25 yards above me and started fishing. That was pretty irritating, but tolerable.
My goal is always a fish on the first cast of the season. I did manage to accomplish that feat with the Brook Trout. Actually, it was my first cast that made it to the water; but I'm counting it. Stupid thorn-apples. I caught the Rainbow on my third cast and was seen by a passing car. Here they came, down the hill and got between me and the upstream person. Before the other 2 made a cast, I was headed to the truck; with smoke emitting from my ears. Four is a crowd on fifty yards of a small stream. People just do not know how to act right; anymore.There is 4 miles of stream and about ten people fishing. I can see no reason for even thinking about pulling into a spot where someone else is fishing. Well, there they are 15 minutes and 2 trout. I usually manage to fish for a half-hour or so; before I get mad.

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