Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Missed Opportunity

Sometimes; you just wonder why you didn't reach for the camera. I was sitting at the lower end of the Bowden Fish Hatchery this afternoon. It was too hot for any birds and I was looking at this turtle; through my binoculars. I am guessing that it is a painted turtle. It was facing away in the mossy spot above the elbow of this concrete.
Just to the left of the concrete; up popped what I thought was a baby duck. I looked away in search for the other ducks and when I looked back at the turtle, something was different. A huge snapping turtle was stalking the other turtle. Its head was above the concrete and had to be at least 5 inches wide. The other turtle didn't have a clue and I thought that it was going to be snatched up very quickly. As it turned out, I would have had time to get my camera from behind the seat; but at the time you never know. The snapper twisted its head and neck in every position it could think of, but the other turtle was just a little too far away. The snapper lowered its head and tried to attack from the left side of the concrete and by that time the other turtle got a little spooked. It must have sensed something. This shot is when it decided to head for the safety of the water. The snapping turtle circled the concrete twice searching. I believe that was the biggest Common Snapping Turtle that I have ever seen !!!

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