Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Really Nice Morning

I decided this morning to celebrate the end of the trout stocking season; by going fishing. I knew that I would have the streams to myself, even on Memorial Day weekend. Everyone knows that when the fish trucks quit running; that is the end of trout fishing for the year.
This is when I start. No crowds and plenty of fish are out there; for as long as we have enough water and the water temperature stays down. I had a plan this morning and it proved to be a bad plan.

I left my truck at daylight and just carried with me the things that I thought I would need. Thought is a key word here. I stuck a box of wet flies and nymphs in my vest and there was all ready a brown woolly bugger tied on my leader. Off; I went. The first section that I tried has changed, since I last fished it. The water is very low and no fish-holding structure was to be found. the bead-headed woolly bugger was getting hung-up on every cast.
I moved further upstream, common yellowthroats, catbirds and yellow warblers were filling the air with song. Two hen turkeys were showing their numerous offspring how to find food. I was just soaking up the morning and finally found some rising trout. Many rising trout! I carefully got into position and cast and cast and cast to the fish; with absolutely no response. Nice fish, too. Mostly browns in the 12-16 inch range, splashing and slashing the surface. I of course had NO dry flies with me. I stood motionless in the stream for several minutes and finally saw what they were feeding on. Tent caterpillars were on the menu and they would sample nothing else. Of course, I had nothing to imitate the meal of the day. My terrestrial box was back in the truck. Moral of the story: Be Prepared and Be Successful. It was still a nice morning; though.

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