Monday, July 16, 2012

Virginia Boater Safety Course

The Virginia General Assembly established boating safety requirements in 2007. These requirements are being phased in and all boaters and personal watercraft users will be required to complete a Virginia boaters safety course by 2016.  All boaters will have to pass a NASBLA approved safety course either in a classroom or online. The only exceptions are for Registered Commercial Fishermen, those who have held or currently hold a license to operate a vessel (Master, Captain or Mate) issued by the US Coast Guard or those who currently hold and posses a NASBLA approved card or certificate. These cards do not expire. It is a once in your lifetime thing that you need to do.

On July, 1 2012 ALL PWC (Personal Watercraft Users) regardless of age must posses a boating safety course card. No person under the age of 14 may operate a PWC.  All Boat operators ages 30 and younger must have completed a course.  In 2013 all boaters 40 and younger must have completed the exam. 2014 includes those 45 and younger and in 2015; everyone operating a boat who is 50 or younger must have passed the exam. Finally, in 2016 ALL boaters must have completed a NASBLA approved boating course.

For additional information: Virginia Boating Regulations
Approved Online Exam:

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