Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sad and Pitiful

Clover Run (c) 2011 High Virginia Images
I was driving along the Shavers Fork near Bowden earlier in the week. There was one person parked along the entire river. Nobody else was present; since they are done flinging in fish for the year. You know how it is; if the trucks aren't running, there are no fish to fish for, until they start dumping them in again. Anyway; just as I passed by the parked vehicle, the angler popped up over the hill. He had 3 nice trout strung on a stick and he was carrying a very large net. I forget where he was from, but it was either Ohio or PA. The net he was carrying was huge, he must have came from salmon country. The net was absolutely filled with trash he had gathered up on his way back to his vehicle. As I was passing by, he reached down and expertly netted one more Milwaukee's Best can and dumped the contents in the back of his truck.

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