Sunday, November 4, 2012

Davis Ducks

(c) 2012 High Virginia Images
I had to go to Thomas on the afternoon of Monday October 29 of 2012; just as the storm was getting started. I had just enough time to briefly check out the Davis sewage pond. I pulled into the lower end of the pond and didn't see any waterfowl; the snow was just starting to intensify. I took the dogs and binoculars and began walking to the southern end of the pond. The whole upper portion was covered with ducks and geese and I was able to identify: Mallards, American Black Duck,Gadwall,Ruddy Duck,American Wigeon,Northern Pintail,Ring-necked Duck,Wood Duck,Northern Shoveler,American Coots and Canada Geese. The numbers were building as the snows got heavier. I walked back to my truck for the camera. The dogs and I were covered with 3 inches of slush; by the time we reached the vehicle. It may be a 200 yard walk at the most. I got the truck parked in the only spot that provided an unobstructed view of the pond. Of course I was facing into the wind coming from the northwest. It didn't take long for the camera lens to fill with snow. This was the highest numbers and variety of waterfowl that I have ever seen in the WV mountains. I was surprised that no mergansers were present. By the time I got out of there and was headed for Thomas, the roads were quickly deteriorating and you probably know the rest of the story from there. To say the least, it got worse.But, I was glad to see all of these species in WV at one time. It was surely the highlight of the week.

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