Monday, November 12, 2012

A Good Morning

Oyster Mushrooms (c) 2012 High Virginia Images
I went out on this fine warm morning in search of gobblers and a few new locations to deer hunt. My deer season looks like plans E, F and G will be put into use; due to the storm. I saw a real nice buck chasing a doe, shortly after it was light enough to see. Two other bucks passed by within the next twenty minutes. I'm feeling a little better about next week, now.

I walked a mile or so through one of the few oak and beech woods left in this area. I had seen two bunches of gobblers in the area two weeks ago. I topped one ridge and heard some scratching. I eased up where I could see. It was a flock of about fifteen hens and young; nothing I was interested in. The wind had picked up and was blowing hard out of the south, by then I headed for the truck.

I noticed one Oyster Mushroom on a stump and searched around a little more. I found enough to eat for a couple of days. Overall, it was a pretty productive two hours. Things are looking up.

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