Wednesday, April 24, 2013

First Trout 2013

(c)2013 HVI
Well, I finally did it. I made myself go fishing for the first time since June 2, 2012. Every time I have had a little time in 2013; the water has been frozen or flooded. I rode over to the Middle Fork this morning and arrived on the stream at 6:40. I was back in the truck at 7:12. I believe that I made a grand total of 11 casts. It was a pleasant morning, my waders had no holes and the Barn Swallows were quite entertaining. Maybe I'll make myself go again. I hope the rain we are supposed to get today turns out to be the Mushroom Rain.

Middle Fork (c)2013 HVI

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  1. Same here! I've looked 3 or 4 times, and no mushrooms yet! But I plan on checking again this weekend and hoping that they will pop up. Really praying for some good fired mujers! Keep up the great posting! I wish I got to trout fish!