Thursday, May 2, 2013

Day One

5/1/13 (c) HVI
There is nothing finer than a May morning in the turkey woods (or what is left of the turkey woods). I have evolved over the years enough to be able to skip the first week of spring gobbler season in West Virginia. You could say that I just don't enjoy the company.

I pulled into one of my favorite spots near home and listened to a Whip-poor-will as I pulled on my boots. the woods began to awaken as I walked up the hill. Towhees and Wood Thrushes dominated the chorus. One turkey gobbled in the distance; then another, still further in another direction.
I stood, enjoying the music and waiting for a nearer gobble. The crows start and there it was, two gobblers about three-hundred yards away. I hurry and settle into a familiar clump of trees. I dig into my turkey vest for the first time this year, head-net, gloves and slate call are actually in the right pockets. I do a fly-down cackle and the woods erupt with gobbles; all are close. Within 200 yards! They get into a gobbling contest with each other. I stay silent until the first one hits the ground; a few yelps on the slate and he is headed my way; quickly.

He double-gobbles at about 80 yards, the others join in. I think; this is going to be quick. I see movement to my right. A coyote head, now a whole blond coyote; headed straight to me. I must have sounded good. He is within thirty yards, I can't turn on him from my location. He gets straight behind me and the wind is in my face. He winds me and heads up the power-line towards the turkeys. All goes silent.
American Redstart (c) HVI
Slowly, the songbirds begin sounding off and within fifteen minutes; all was back to normal. Except for the turkeys. They remained silent. I sat there for about an hour. Nothing. I head on a morel stroll back to my truck. Again, nothing. I reach my truck and get ready to leave. I turn the key and once again; nothing. My fuel pump has decided not to work anymore. Oh well, it was a good morning, this day; 5-01-2013.
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  1. Thanks for posting this! I haven't been able to go turkey hunting yet because of school, but it's great to read about someone else enjoying the morning of turkey hunting.