Wednesday, October 9, 2013

My Favorite Mushroom?

Golden Chanterelle (c)3013 HVI
I was asked recently, what my favorite mushroom was. The answer may be surprising to many. I had a pretty bad mushroom year in 2013. Next year may be worse, my morel patch was covered with gravel. But it seemed as if I found quite a few mushrooms this year but; when I found them they were always past peak for eating. Many species are only available for a very short time. That is why I don't get too excited about morels in this area.
Chicken of the woods usually emerge twice during the season but you must get them very quickly after they pop out. They go from great to poor very quickly. Shaggy Manes, well you just about have to see them pop up to get some good ones. I have yet to trust any boletes that I have found. So I would have to say, without a doubt that Oyster Mushrooms are my favorite for consumption. I like the taste and they can be found with reasonable expectations over a long period of time. I have found them from March-December. They are easily identified and tasty. What more could be asked for?
Oyster Mushroom (c) 2012 HVI

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