Monday, October 7, 2013

Welcome Fall

Shaggy Mane (c) 2013 HVI
Summer has finally faded into the past. I was beginning to wonder about this statement last night when it was too hot to sleep but I believe we may be safe, now. The leaves are in various stages of beautiful in the West Virginia Highlands; dependent on elevation. I have not been able to enjoy the outdoors very much over the last few months. For about 3 weeks I was unable to hold up my camera. That wasn't very pleasant

The year of 2013 was my poorest.mushroom year, ever. Many folks had great seasons. When I had time to search, everything I found was well past peak for consumption. I was able to find a few promising locations for next year. especially for chanterelles. I hate waiting for next year. I made on last futile attempt to find some Giant Puffballs today. No luck, but I did manage to spy my first of the season Shaggy Manes (Coprinus comatus). These mushrooms are very good edibles when they are newly emerged. I believe I picked and ate nine out of this small patch. I'm hoping to find several more over the next few weeks. Shaggy Manes and oyster Mushrooms are about all that we can expect to find in any numbers this late in the season. I have seen posted online that a few Chicken of the Woods are still being found. I only had two small pickings of them this year. I have about given up on a Giant Puffball. I thought I had a no fail spot for them. Apparently not.

(c) 2013 High Virginia Outdoors photos (c) High Virginia Images All Rights Reserved

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