Friday, August 8, 2014

A Gandy Creek Afternoon

Gandy Creek
I decided to take a little trip up Gandy Creek today. The primary purpose of the venture was looking for chanterelles; struck out there. There are always things to see and do if you just go. The dogs enjoyed the trip. Of course, Ralphie found another little water snake. I don't know where he got his sudden fixation of snake trailing. The highlight was along the road, just downstream of where this photo was taken; a mink was standing on a log looking at me as I drove by. I dug the camera from behind the seat and was surprised when the mink hadn't moved. I had to back up a little; still there! Just as the camera was focusing, it took off upstream. But, it stopped in some Queen-Ann's Lace and looked back. The camera refused to focus on the mink since the breeze was blowing the flowers slightly auto-focus kept going to the flowers. Oh, well no mink pictures but a nice afternoon anyway. Butterflies were few and far between today, too. There was a Blue-winged Olive mayfly hatch on the middle section of the stream and a few feeding trout. One should always remember that trout are all ready temperature stressed when the water temperature is 70 and above. Leave them alone..They do not need anymore stress and the majority will die; even if they seem OK when you release them.

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