Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Pond Sex

Calico Pennant
I have been getting some much needed wandering and staring time recently. More on that later. I have been taking the dogs to quiet, peaceful places with water. The result? I have discovered the world of Damsels and Dragons and what a beautiful world it is. I had never paid much attention to these species in the past. I saw them, but never actually looked. My old camera didn't do a real good job of capturing the myriad of  colors, either. I never knew there were so many species in our area. If you are now wondering what you have missed, it is somewhere in the range of 120-140 species here in WV.

I have made just 3 short trips to sit and stare in dragonfly country and have collected photos of about 14 different species in around 2 hours of total time spent. I still have some photos that need a positive ID. Colors on most of these species is absolutely stunning when viewed up-close. Yep, this is becoming a new addiction. You can catch it to in any local wet spot. The top photo is a pair of Calico Pennants. The bottom photo is a yet to be identified damsel fly. I think it is one of the Bluets. I took these shots at Mill Creek Reservoir, near Belington yesterday. They were all taken during a half-hour time frame while not moving more than thirty feet. I also got a decent shot of a very small damsel fly actually depositing eggs on some submerged vegetation! Do yourself a favor, go sit and stare. You might learn something and it will not hurt at all.

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