Wednesday, July 8, 2015


I am not a shopper. I needed to get that out of the way; first. The newest, improved hi-tech stuff doesn’t interest me in the least. I believe in finding something that works and sticking to it. I have not looked at any of the outdoor catalogs for several years. Yep, so long that they have finally quit sending them to me. I just got finished thumbing through a borrowed one during a thunderstorm. I have to admit being a bit perplexed at all of the stuff that is out there. I was looking for a set of uninsulated camo bibs to replace my pair that is rotting away. They may not make it through the next briar patch.  I can’t believe the patterns offered. Many look as if they were designed by Hawaiian Florists. What ever happened to stuff that looked like dirt and dried leaves? Nope, I don’t want insulated, super-silent waterproof ones either. I want cotton/polyester bibs that look like dirt and leaves. Nope, none available. Enough.
I then made the mistake of flipping through the fishing stuff, Wow.  What is it with all of those colors and who actually comes up with the names for all of that stuff? I was just wondering when fish quit biting on a white 2 inch twister tail grub. Must have been since the last time I fished with one; which I have to admit was too long ago. I imagine that a 2.75 inch silver and black floating Rapala no longer will catch anything. I was thinking about going out and doing a little fishing; just fishing for fish and nothing in particular this month. I might have to change my plans and spend some money to get re-equipped. Do fish still bite on real night crawlers and real minnows? I was just wondering; I hate being outside wasting my time.
I fully intend on spending the Fourth of July weekend on the water. I really do not want to have to purchase a whole bunch of new stuff. I wouldn’t mind the investment if I had the chance to fish more. I just now pulled out my little box of stuff that I always carried on the rivers. Yep, it fits in my back pocket. It has several small Rapalas, Rebel Crayfish, Rattle-Traps, curly-tail grubs and shad-darts. The other smaller box which also fits in a pocket contains sinkers, hooks, bobber stops, finger-nail clippers and some small slip-bobbers. I think I will be prepared for any situation that arises. I know I used to be able to do all right with that little menagerie of prehistoric equipment. Oh my, I just remembered that I just have plain old nylon monofilament fishing line on my reel. According to the catalog I looked at, you can’t catch fish on that stuff anymore. I might just as well stay home.

I’m stubborn, though, so I’ll probably still give it a try; even though I will be doomed with failure. I wonder if you can still catch channel cats on chicken livers or do you have to use that stinky stuff they sell in tubs to be successful?

This is my July 2015 article for 2 Lane Livin
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