Monday, August 3, 2015

Knotweed Compost

I built 3 raised beds on a slope that I hated mowing about thirteen years ago. They were just semi-leveled in on a slick hill. I just built the framework in the early spring and filled them up with yard debris. The main component was Japanese Knotweed. I cut down the stalks ran over the plants with a mulching mower, bagged the green stuff and threw all of the mashed, beat up stalks in the bottom of the frames. I didn't do much else other than add  grass clippings and mulched leaves. I planted the boxes the next spring and they have been going strong ever since.
I am going to have to replace the framing before the next growing season, but it has been a productive and low maintenance project. The only thing that has ever been added to these boxes over the years has been a few bags of garden soil to keep then fairly level. I always add a thick layer of mulched grass and leaves in the fall. It winters well and I just turn it all under in the spring with a garden fork. Very simple and very easy. This photo was taken on August 1, 2015 and as you can see; all is well. I did build another box to the right of these. It turned out to be too shady and is now full of volunteer Joe-pye weed and butterflies.

Yes, noxious weeds can be turned into a useful commodity. Japanese Knotweed does make some good dirt.

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