Sunday, July 18, 2010


In this busy world, we are often in too much of a hurry to fully take advantage of opportunities we are given. It is really a shame that we do not take time to enjoy the wonders of nature.

I was driving through Canaan Valley to make a delivery on Friday and was within twenty minutes of my destination. I noticed some honey bees swarming in a fence row.

I thought that I should get some photos on the way back and traveled on. After about 4 miles, something made me turn around and go back to get the photos.
It was quite an experience. I pulled my truck as close to the bees as I could. They weren't exactly in a docile mood. I only was able to take 3 photos, before the inside of my truck was filled with bees. By that time, my dog was hiding on the floor behind the seat.

Niether one of us were stung, but it was an interesting minute for both. I planned on stopping on the way back through, in hopes that they would settle down. When I came back there wasn't a bee in sight. They had already moved on.

Never let an opportunity pass, you never know if another will present itself.
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