Sunday, October 24, 2010

Little Hickory Bear

The best days are days that we discover one of natures' wonders.  I never knew that bears fed in the top of hickory trees; like a giant fox squirrel.  Well, they do.  This little fellow was in a hickory in Pocahontas County, WV.  Yeah, they climb apple trees all of the time.  They bend over and trample down mountain ash, hercules' club and sumacs.  But, this one is in the top of a hilltop hickory, in a wind storm.

The next photo shows the bear, reaching out to pull a limb to its' mouth.  I saw it do this twice.  This whole series of photos is less than a minute in time.  I was hurrying, because I sensed that the show would not last much longer.

I am regretful that higher quality photos could not be had; but these are allot better than not having the opportunity at all.

After he got this last nut, he headed down the tree and was gone.

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