Monday, February 28, 2011

Evening Stroll

I took advantage of yesterday's warm temperatures and took the bonehead brothers for a evening stroll.  We walked about 1 mile up the Tygart River and back.  It is very limited as to places that you can go, around this area.  It seems that all of the private holdings around this area; which were enjoyed by all, are now cut up into little micro-hunting leases. What it amounts to, is that you have to  pay about $150 and join another lease for every half-mile that you progress.  The one lease that I am in is so pitiful now, that it isn't fit to be on; unless you are picking blackberries.

So I figured that for a change we would walk up the river.  Regretfully; I didn't take my camera and never do when I have both of the dogs on a leash.  One-hundred pounds of Beagle is too much to handle and worry about breaking your camera.  I know what you're thinking; yeah you can handle your dog and it is close to a hundred pounds.  One dog has four pulling legs and goes in on direction and can only get tangled up on one thing.  Give two going in opposite directions and tangling up and hanging each other a try some time.

The highlight of the trip was 14 Ring-necked Ducks, floating in a backwater eddy.   The colors of the males were magnificent.  I went back this morning, hoping for one good photo; but all were gone.  There were a couple of pairs of mallards and geese present.  One red-shouldered hawk and two turkey vultures and that was all. Overall, it was a nice walk and they never got tangled up, too bad.

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