Monday, February 21, 2011

Pretty Pictures of Pretty Water

Roaring Creek
 Some people drive down the road of life; believing that every oncoming vehicle is their best friend.  I on the other hand am one to believe that every oncoming vehicle is driven by a drug-crazed moron; yapping on a cell phone.  I could be called cynical; but prefer the label of realist.

Why doesn't anyone post photos of the ugly stuff out there?  If we are not exposed to these things; do they not exist?  Many would like to think so.

This is a photo of Roaring Creek in Randolph County, WV.  It is a tributary of the Tygart River.  Most of you have seen the newspaper and TV ads about beautiful downtown Coalton, WV.  Well, this jewel flows right through the middle of beautiful downtown Coalton. I truly believe that if more people would become concerned with all of the bad stuff we already have; they would pay more attention to the bad things about to happen.  I've said it before, but here we go again; when the water quality is diminished in any way so is the quality of life.  If one just chooses to ignore these things, they just don't go away.  You should remember this photo; everytime you look at a pretty one.  That pretty stream may not be there forever.

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