Sunday, June 19, 2011

Empty Nest

My tree swallows left the nest box this morning. There were three fledglings this year. The one brave individual was particularly worrisome over the past two days. It kept trying to fly; but just wasn't ready. I had to put it back in the box three times. They all managed to leave; as a family, early this morning.
They will be missed in the garden. You tend to become immune to the repeated aerial attacks; after awhile. I do not know if others experience this; but after the fledglings leave, I never have another tree swallow in my yard until next March. Once they leave the nest, they are gone until next year.
I did have my first ever successful bluebird nest this Spring. They are re-nesting right now. I am sure that a house wren will take over the tree swallow box soon. they always do.

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