Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Yardbird Update

I believe that my tree swallows will fledge soon. There are at least three in the nesting box. The odd thing about tree swallow behavior in my yard; is that I never see another tree swallow in my yard, once the young leave the box. There will not be a swallow present here until next March.
I seem to be over-run with chipping sparrow young this year and there are at least four pairs of house wrens busily raising young and re-nesting. A phoebe had its fledgling sitting on one of my pole bean tepees, yesterday. House finches, downy woodpeckers and the white-breasted nuthatches are busy; filling gaping mouths.
The bluebirds are getting ready to nest again. I can hear orioles being tended to in three different spots. The great-crested flycatchers and yellow-billed cuckoos have quieted down. I haven't heard the red-eyed vireos in a few days. I am sure that they will have mouths to feed soon. This is the second year in a row that no rose-breasted grosbeaks or pine siskins are around here. I have three chimney swifts flying around regularly, in a few days there will probably be eight or more. The ravens have some rowdy young over on the hill. I haven't heard any killdeers over at the ball field, they apparently did not nest there this year.
This is the season of renewal, be observant and enjoy.

Photos by High Virginia Images

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