Thursday, June 9, 2011

Mountain Laurel Time Is Near

The next few weeks will be prime time for viewing the exquisite mountain laurel show of the highlands. I do not believe that there is a finer place to do this than Tucker County, WV. One of the easiest spots to find these mountain beauties is the Canaan Heights area; along Rt. 32, south of Davis, WV. The rocky, acid soils of this area produce some of the best colors that I have seen. I was there on June 6 and they are beginning to bloom, not very many though. We have had some abnormally high temperature over the past few days; this may encourage them to open up a little early. The main show should begin next week. They are usually pretty nice for about two weeks. Do yourself a favor and do not miss the show. Now is the time to plan a trip to the Thomas, Davis, Canaan Valley and Blackwater Falls area of Tucker County; for some great outdoor photography experiences.

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