Sunday, July 17, 2011


I just read that the "hunting" method of baiting; which is so prevalent in our area has been made illegal on public lands, beginning on September 1. It is about time. Somebody somewhere must have had a rod implanted in their spine. Now, I hope that this will be enforced; stringently. What will the Master-baiters do now?

I also saw that the statewide squirrel hunting season will open on September 10. I personally do not think this is a good idea. I do not believe that the season will be utilized. It is just TOO hot. It seems to me that squirrel hunting is nowhere near as popular as it once was. Probably one factor is that they can't be baited in and you actually have to utilize some hunting skills. I personally haven't hunted squirrels since 2004; when they cut down all of the trees around here. It was once; something I looked forward to and enjoyed. But; it is hard to justify when you can't just go over on the hill and hunt. Those 50 mile round trips to the woods, add up quickly.

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