Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Horseshoe Run-Tucker County, WV

Horseshoe Run (c)2012 HVI
Horseshoe Run is a small trout stream in Tucker County, WV. This stream is stocked with trout on a Bi-Weekly schedule by the WVDNR. It receives trout once in February and every other week from March to the end of May. This scenic little stream is best fished early in the season; while it has ample water flow. It dries up fairly quickly. There are several feeder streams entering the main stream that help keep the water temperatures down. Horseshoe Run is stocked from the bridge above the community of Shaffer at access points downstream to below the mouth of Mike Run. About 6 miles of stream falls in the stocked section and landownership is both National Forest and private land. County Route 5 follows the stream, Landowners rights always need to be respected by anglers; less and less areas are stocked; due to blatant disregard of others.
Hendrickson Dun (c)2012 HVI

I have not fished this stream any later than mid-April. There is a pretty nice population of Hendricksons that hatch early in April and the most activity of feeding fish seemed to be sub-surface. There are a few campsites available at Horseshoe Run Recreation Area. This area is just upstream from the YMCA Camp Horseshoe.

Horseshoe Run would be a good destination for a peaceful spring outing. You will not see many people unless you are there within a couple of days after the fish truck has been there. Just head for the town of Leadmine, you can't miss it.
Horseshoe Run Trout (c) 2012 HVI

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