Sunday, February 16, 2014


Mute Swan (c) 2014 HVI
Not very many people have ventured outside over the past four days; especially in this area. Everyday you don't look is a day you missed out on. You cannot get back wasted days. I have said it time and time again; you will never find anything worthwhile if you don't look.
I was riding through the Elkins snow piles on Friday morning and thought I saw the top of a swan head sticking up. I made several attempts to get another glimpse, but that turned out to be impossible due to the string of snow-plows and some other inept drivers. Just normal stuff for Elkins on a Friday. I finally found a spot where I could pull off the road. I got out with 4 inch high shoes in 20 inches of snow and made it to the edge of the Tygart River Backwaters. There were 3 Mute Swans present and I was able to get some decent photos. I have never seen Mute swans in this area before; except for the Valley Bend pair.
Chipping Sparrow (2014) HVI

I know that Chipping Sparrows are very common; from April until October. Everyone has them but they are a rarity in February, here. This Chipping Sparrow surprised me this afternoon. I definitely wasn't expecting to see one today; as the snow poured down. A good February bird for the WV Highlands. There is still one day left in the Great Backyard Bird Count. Please participate, if you haven't already done so. It will not hurt you one little bit. I promise.

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