Sunday, February 2, 2014


Ring-necked Duck (c)2013 HVI
We all enjoy or birds which are year-round residents. Each spring we anticipate the arrival of species that come here to breed. It is sad the many miss out the numerous species that briefing stop by for a visit. These feathered visitors may show up in any season. The most visible are probably the migratory waterfowl who are pushed south by storms and freezes. each winter storm changes the pieces of the puzzle. Some years are better than others in this region. So far, the 2013-14 winter season has not been good here in the mountains. It was much more interesting last year. You never know, it could change at any time. We just need to keep looking to find out whether it will happen or not.

Early spring and mid-summer through early fall are the times to pay attention to exposed mud-flats on our larger bodies of water for shorebirds. Flooded fields are also hot-spots for these migrants. You never know what may show up other than Spotted Sandpipers and Solitary Sandpipers.
Sanderling (c) HVI

Autumn brings us another round of migrants and you never know what may show up around here after a hurricane. Everyday offers new chances to view new species. But, you a guaranteed not to find anything if you are not out there looking. They don't stay around here long but the do offer us visitation rights that we need to cherish.
Nelson's Sharp-tailed Sparrow (c) 2013 HVI

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