Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Duck Hunting

I went duck hunting Sunday and Monday the frigid temperatures and snowfall really narrow your choices as to hunting spots. i carefully planned my trip and with thoughtful planning was able to limit my exposure to sub-zero temperatures. I was able to sneak up on over one hundred and fifty mallards on Sunday and about the same number of Canada Geese on Monday. There were a few Gadwalls, Hooded & Common Mergansers and a Green-winged Teal thrown in for good measures. i found a big clump of Cracker Ducks, too.

It wasn't very difficult to harvest the variety and numbers I needed to take home. I didn't even get very cold; although I was only wearing Ventilators with wool socks. I didn't have to spend more than about 10 minutes outside to reach my limit. How was I so successful in such a short period of time? I planned well and went to my favorite spot for duck hunting. The local sewage treatment plant. That is where the duck action is. Ducks and sewage plants go together like Old Bay and blue crabs. When I think of all of those real duck hunters out there chomping down on a nice juicy Breast of Mallard; I always think of where the juice really comes from. And Smile.
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