Thursday, February 12, 2015

I Hate That Place

Common Goldeneye
I just wonder if anyone else has a good place to find an occasional odd bird; that they hate going to? It is the Elkins Flood Control area for me. First off, there is too much traffic and the roads are pretty thin except for the main Georgetown Road. Quite often, there are some shady characters hanging around. What I hate most is that I have Never gotten a good photo there.
Good ducks are often found in the calm area just above the bridge, There is a deceptive quick, slick current. Everything is always in motion. It doesn't look that way, but it is. You cannot take a photo from your vehicle because of power lines in your face. When you get out and try to take a  standing photo, you have to shoot between 3 power lines. Sit down and shoot; you say. I tried that yesterday. By the time you get somewhere cleared of broken beer bottles and used needles; you have to relocate your subject.I took 111 shots of this Common Goldeneye yesterday (2/11/15) and none are decent. This is par for the course at this spot, though. Did I mention that I Hate That Place?

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