Sunday, September 12, 2010

September Streams

Have you noticed that stream side parking areas are vacant ? I know you aren't thinking of fishing in September, but maybe you should. You may receive an enlightening experience.

I stopped by the local river this morning; not expecting to see much. This particular area is normally fished pretty hard and it is rare; if a fish is released to swim again. There were 7 smallmouths at the edge of a rock bar. All of them appeared to be in excess of sixteen inches.

On September 2, I stopped at a popular springtime fishing area. I never thought that this stretch of water was capable of trout survival, in the summer months. I counted eleven trout; browns, rainbows, stocked brook and one native brook trout. These were all in one stretch of water about 20 yards long. Three of the trout were actively feeding. This observation really surprised me. There were more trout present at this location than the bass, which I was expecting to find.

The low, clear waters of September allow you to see what really swims in your favorite waters. Fish tend to be concentrated and visible. A stealthy approach is required and you may be surprised at what you will find.

Get out and enjoy the September waterways, don't just sit around and let the migrating Ospreys have all of the fun.

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