Sunday, September 5, 2010

Butterfly of the Month/September-Monarch

What other butterfly could be considered for September ? The Monarch (Danaus plexippus) is the logical choice. This winged wonder is highly visible, while making its way to wintering grounds in the mountains of central Mexico. This instinctive journey is one of nature's wonders. 
This  migration is amazing; because this adult butterfly has never before made this journey. This butterfly you see in September is most likely headed to the Sierra Madre Mountains, where the hibernate by the millions. In the spring, the emerging butterflies reproduce on their northward journey; replenishing the species, into southern Canada, by summers' end. Then the southerly migration begins, as autumn nears.
Most of us are familiar with the distinctive caterpillar of the milkweeds. The larvae feed, until ready to preform a J-shaped hanging quiver. This suspended caterpillar forms a chrysalis. The adult emerges from this chrysalis and the cycle is repeated.

The September Monarch is truly a winged-wonder.

Monarch Butterfly   Monarch and Milkweed Monarch Magic!: Butterfly Activities & Nature Discoveries (Williamson Kids Good Times!(Tm).)

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  1. I love butterflies, we have many here in our yard. They love our butterfly bushes. I have seen the monarch flitting around a lot lately.