Friday, June 29, 2012

They Got That One Right !

I was sitting out in the edge of my yard on Tuesday and a little yellow butterfly fluttered by. I had never seen a yellow butterfly that was smaller than the normal sulphur species'. I managed to chase it down and get a good look as it stopped on some white clover.

I went into the house to get my camera; of course the camera was outside in the truck on the other side of the house. Just as standard procedure plays out the little butterfly was nowhere to be found when I returned.

Often, when you look something unfamiliar up; you wonder how they came up with a name for something. Not in this case; they finally got one right. It was a Little Yellow (Eurema lisa) butterfly. It is more common in WV in the southern counties and along the Ohio River. I am pretty sure that I have never seen one around here. We may notice more smaller butterflies this year, since there doesn't seem to be many big ones around.

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