Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Backyard Gems

I built this small water garden and waterfall in 1986. It has given us many quality moments of staring and enjoyment over the years. Not a lot of maintenance has been required. A new pump is needed every three years or so and a heater is plopped into the pond in November. Four goldfish were thrown in on completion and they have been a self sustaining population ever since. Sometimes there are thirty; sometimes ten. They live, breed and die without any help. Minks sometimes thin the population in the winter. Green Frogs have taken up residence and American Toads sometimes successfully breed.

 Numerous species of aquatic vegetation have used this little pond as a home. some were good and others were pulled out and composted. Dragonflies and damsel flies make daily visits. Some were born there. If you have ever thought of making a water garden part of your life; go ahead and do it. It will not be too painful and you'll be glad you did it. We only live once and should cherish all of our staring time.

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