Monday, June 9, 2014


I had somewhat of a problem this spring. Like most problems; it was self-induced. Times of deep thought or periods of brief pondering can tend to change your actions. I do know that one major problem that has an effect on many is the lack of random periods of un-structured quiet time allotted to thinking and pondering. Far too many people have let the demands of others take control of their lives. When was the last time you just went and did something that you really enjoy; without worrying? We often cannot take the time to do something without being concerned about how long we have to do it or where we have to be next.
I came to the realization this year that I really have zero interest in fighting the crowds and fishing for fish that were thrown from a truck sometime during the week. This process which is known by many as “trout fishing” in WV has become an absolute chore; to me. I do not want to have to make myself go do something that is supposed to be enjoyable. I made 2 trips this year during the “stocking season”. The first time was on Clover Run and I did manage to catch 3 trout; before others saw me and crowded me out. The second trip was planned out to be a memorable experience. That didn't pan out either. I made about 5 casts into Dry Fork downstream from Harman; before I realized that something wasn't normal in that stretch of river. Growths of stringy green algae had made that section of river pretty much un-fishable with anything other than dry flies.
During the next couple of weeks following the April frustrations I had several opportunities to go fishing. I just couldn't make myself do it. I plan on starting up once again in June; after the fish trucks have been parked. It just isn't fun anymore. Enjoyment to me is walking a stretch of river; watching for rising trout. If your timing is right and you find a decent mayfly hatch and feeding trout; each of your outings can become a memorable experience. June is that magical time to be on a trout stream. We have many to choose from and you are pretty much guaranteed to be alone on your favorite stream on any evening in June.
I also thought back to times when we just went fishing; not for anything in particular. Just fishing; remember that? Nice and peaceful, wasn't it. Simple, too. No fancy ingredients required. Rod, reel, line, bobber, sinker; grab a couple dozen night crawlers or a bucket full of minnows and just go. Sit, stare and enjoy. Think back to those days when you followed that recipe. You always enjoyed it and you always caught fish, didn't you? Those were good times that still can be had if we break or pattern, get out of the rut and just go out and do it.

I don’t know about you; but this year during the month of June: I’m just going fishing.

This article first appeared in the June 2014 issue of Two-Lane Livin . 


  1. Vacation for me this week Randy, and I'm going to do just that- go fishin'. If I catch some fine, if I don't, fine as well. Just a break from the everyday grind of work. Good luck to you on your June fishing endeavors and keep up the good writing.

  2. Thanks, I've already made it out more this week than I had in the previous few years.

  3. Especially enjoyed this post. Certainly applies to living your life in general. Today I spent some time just listening to the birds and not struggling to find and identify. Just taking pleasure in their song.